Apply for Support

Apply for Support

There are no deadlines for initial requests. We receive and respond to initial requests throughout the year.  

Max Bell Foundation provides two types of grants:

Development Grants support organizations who wish to undertake short term (typically 4 month) work that will better position them to succeed with larger projects (e.g., environmental scanning; background research; project planning; proposal development etc.). Development grants are described in more detail here.

Project Grants support clearly defined activities designed to achieve a specific objective that aligns with the Foundation’s mission, strategic priority, and granting guidelines. Please note Max Bell Foundation does not support ongoing programs, capital projects, nor provide unrestricted grants to organizations. Project grants are described in more detail here

For both grant types, Max Bell Foundation assesses proposals for alignment with our mission, programs, and granting guidelines. These are explained in the Strategy and Programs section and the Grant Types and Guidelines pages.

Requests for development grants will receive a yes or no response, typically within 4 weeks.

Letters of Intent requesting project grants will receive, typically within 4 weeks, either a no response or an invitation to submit a full proposal. If a full proposal is invited, a deadline for receipt will be provided. Our Board of Directors, which makes decisions on project grants, meets three times each year, usually in May, September, and December. We require a minimum of two months of lead time to work with full proposals before our board meetings. Proposals that go before our board have typically begun with Letters of Intent received a minimum of three months ahead of the May, September, or December meeting.

An unfavourable decision from the Foundation should not be seen as a reflection of the quality or value of the endeavour. Rather, it is the result of the difficult choices that must be made from amongst the many worthy applications we receive from across Canada.

Max Bell Foundation seldom provides 100% of the support required for any given project. To encourage applicant organizations to develop a broader base of support for proposed projects or initiatives, we will make challenge or matching grants when appropriate.

We make use of a wide range of referees who are experts in our program areas, and we are very grateful for their perspectives as a key component of the assessment process. Some of the individuals who have prepared reviews for the Foundation are listed here

The Foundation receives hundreds of applications annually. We cannot, therefore, either return application packages or provide reasons for unfavourable decisions.

If you believe your proposed project aligns with the mission and granting guidelines of Max Bell Foundation, we encourage you to apply.

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