Current Grants

Current Grants

Alberta Health Services
All Aboard for Patient Engagement: A Readiness Toolkit for Patients, Providers and Leaders
$50,000 over 2 years

This $286,000 project will first develop a patient resource kit to enhance the patient engagement experience based on best practices and evidence.  It will then pilot and further evaluate the resource kit in at least two emerging front line arenas. 

Canada West Foundation
Water Pricing: Seizing a Public Policy Dilemma by the Horns
$150,000 over 14 months

This 14-month project will develop and communicate a strategy document aimed at identifying and promoting positions within Canadian debates over water pricing that will allow those debates to productively move forward.

Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network
Environment and Health Brief
$5,000 over 1 year

This project will create and communicate a brief that will serve as a starting point for discussions among Canadian grantmakers of strategic approaches to environmental health issues.  The document will provide a summary overview of this complex topic, including context on: the range of physical, chemical, and biological factors within a person’s environment that can impact human health; what approaches have yielded progress in this field by both government and non-government actors; and what environmental health issues are on the near-term horizon.  Throughout, the document will include a focus on public policy responses to environmental health issues.

Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR)
$350,000 over five years

CIFAR’s Successful Societies program, by pursuing a better understanding of the determinants of societal success, holds the potential to impact public policy and revolutionize the way we approach issues of individual and community success.

Concordia University - Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance
Overcoming the Challenges of Improving Canadian Children’s Literacy Skills
$270,000 over three years

This three year educational software development and dissemination project will improve the essential educational competencies related to literacy among students across the country. It will do so by widespread dissemination of a state-of-the-art software tool, delivering training on its appropriate use, and developing a Canada-wide network of teachers and consultants familiar to support widespread implementation. The project budget is $475,000.

The Learning Partnership
Welcome to Kindergarten Program National Evaluation (Phase II Implementation)
$331,060 over 18 months

The first phase of this project, also supported by Max Bell Foundation, developed a literature and policy review, and based on these, a comprehensive plan to evaluated the Welcome to Kindergarten Program – a national school readiness program.

The evaluation supported by this grant will assess the effectiveness of the WTK program in preparing children and families for the transition to school.

University of Manitoba
RESOLVE: Research & Education for Solutions to Violence & Abuse

An Evaluation of the Manitoba Front End Project
$192,780 over three years

This three year project will benefit the victims and witnesses of family violence by assessing and improving the quality of justice outcomes of specialized family violence courts in Canada. The project budget is $254,280.

McGill University Institute for Health and Social Policy
Population Health – Moving from Evidence to Policy
$1,233,650 over five years

This five year research and outreach initiative with is intended to improve public policy and practice and to improve teaching in population health. It will generate 10-40 or more case studies of innovative and successful population health initiatives to inform policy and serve as teaching cases. The project budget is $1,863,650

McGill University Faculty of Medicine
Dissemination of Creative Expression Programs for Multiethnic Schools
$201,060 over two years

This 2 year training and support project with a budget of $307,144 is intended to improve the mental health outcomes of a large number of immigrant and refugee children through the delivery of teacher-led creative expression programs. 

McGill University Health Centre
Patients and Professionals Partner to Redesign Inpatient Care Systems
$50,000 over two years

This $138,000 project aims to transform care at the bedside by engaging patients in identifying nursing practices that enhance their care, and then disseminating those practices across institutional settings.

McGill University – Gault Nature Reserve
Integrating Bio-indicators of Stream Water Quality into Regional Planning
$209,000 over three years

This $390,500 project is part of a larger initiative in the Québec Centre for Biodiversity Science to develop methods by which those responsible for local and regional governance affecting sustainable development can evaluate the impact of changes in land use on the provision of critical ecosystem services, including clean water. To leverage policy discussions, the project will take a case study approach following changes in water quality in headwater streams flowing out of undisturbed forests on Mont St. Hilaire as they traverse adjacent agricultural and suburban landscape.

McGill University Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry
Dissemination of Creative Expression Programs for Multiethnic Schools
$202,060 over two years

This $307,144 training and support project is intended to improve the mental health outcomes of a large number of immigrant and refugee children through the delivery of teacher-led creative expression programs. 

Queens University
Better Beginnings, Better Futures Research Coordination Unit

Better Beginnings, Better Futures: Getting the Message Out
$147,280 over 2 years

This project will support the production of knowledge transfer materials based on the learnings of the Better Beginnings, Better Futures (BBBF) initiative, with the goal of informing the design, development, and implementation of early childhood development interventions across Canada.

Sustainable Prosperity
The Green Economy: Competitiveness and the Environment
$225,000 over 18 months

This $344,000 project intends to develop and communicate a persuasive narrative framework for linking environmental sustainability with economic prosperity in public policy conversations.  The framework will be based on examining how transformational policy frames have succeeded in the past (e.g., free trade, deficit reduction, etc.), and on results of primary opinion research.  The framework is intended to extend beyond carbon and climate change to encompass more efficient use of natural capital (water, wood, minerals, etc), technology innovation that reduces pollution and waste, and other means to promote eco-efficiency by businesses and households.

The Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
Engaging Patients and Families to Develop Safety Indicators for Rehabilitation
$50,000 over two years

This $197,000 project will engage patients and caregivers in developing safety indicators that will help set practice guidelines for care provided to people in rehabilitation centers across Canada.

United Way of the Lower Mainland
Evaluation of Early Childhood Programs in BC
$420,000 over three years

The goals of the proposed evaluation are to coordinate and improve the strategies of early childhood programs in BC, and in so doing, present a model for how early childhood programming in other jurisdictions can be meaningfully evaluated. The project budget is $870,000.

United Way of the Lower Mainland
BC Early Childhood Development Evaluation Project: Phase II
$100,000 over two years

This web-based evaluation development project with a budget of $360,000 is intended to develop, deploy, and support a web-based evaluation system for initiatives supporting ECD community capacity and parenting support in the province of BC.

United Way of the Lower Mainland
United Way Public Policy Institute
$30,000 over one year

The first of its kind in British Columbia, and building on similar initiatives on Ontario (Maytree Public Policy Training Institute) and Alberta (Max Bell Public Policy Training Institute), the United Way Public Policy Institute will bring together public policy experts to work with senior managers in social services and health-related agencies who want to better understand and influence the public policy process.

University of Alberta Community-University Partnership
Enhancing Alberta’s Implementation of the EDI in Indigenous Contexts
$249,900 over 3 years

This $713,000 project will engage the five tribes of the Yellowhead Tribal Council in analysis of the Early Development Instrument as it is being used by the Government of Alberta to map early childhood development across the province.  The analysis is expected to lead to the development and piloting of supplements to the EDI that will help communities, governments, and policy makers identify the types of services, resources, and supports that Indigenous children and their families need to provide the best possible start in life. 

University of Calgary Faculty of Nursing
Effects of a Multiple Intervention Preschool Program on 7- and 10-year-old Children and Their Caregivers
$131,740 over five years

This five year evaluation and communication project will test the short- and longer-term effects of a multiple intervention program to support the development of low-income preschool children and their families. The evaluation will longitudinally extend the evaluation of the program begun by the grantee with the support of Max Bell Foundation in 2004. The project budget is $141,738.

University of Toronto Department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation
Evaluation of CHSRF Patient Engagement Program
$50,000 over one year

This $125,000 evaluation project will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a series of projects supported by both CHSRF and Max Bell Foundation that focus on patient engagement in the design and delivery of health care.

Water Matters
Securing Water for People and the Environment
$80,280 over two years

This $136,465 panel review and communication project is intended to have a material impact on Alberta’s current review of water allocation policy and, ultimately, lead to better water policy in Alberta and across Canada.

Wilfrid Laurier University
Internship: Choice in Publicly-funded Education in Edmonton and Calgary
$13,880 over 4 months

This internship project will compare, on a range of measures, the structure and impacts of choice in public education between two otherwise similar jurisdictions.