About Us

An Overview

Since its creation in 1972 by the late Mr. George Maxwell Bell, Max Bell Foundation has made grants across Canada for a wide range of charitable purposes which benefit all Canadians.

Upon creating the Foundation, Max Bell charged the Board of Directors with managing the funds wisely, setting the Foundation's mission, and determining the fields in which grants would be made. These fields have changed over the years, and have included: media and journalism, physical fitness, sports, oceans and inland waters, health and health care, the relationships of Canada and Canadians with countries of the Asia Pacific region, veterinary science, and education.

While the particular fields of interest have evolved over the years, the primary purpose of Max Bell Foundation has remained the same. In contributing to Canadians and their communities, the Foundation has always sought to support innovative endeavours which encourage the development of human potential in pursuit of social, educational, and economic goals.

Since its inception, Max Bell Foundation has had the privilege of funding hundreds of projects and initiatives across Canada totalling more than $77 million.

For information about Max Bell Foundation’s current focus, visit What We Do.