Expert Reviewers

Expert Reviewers

Max Bell Foundation relies on reviews of proposals from external experts. We thank them sincerely for their contributions, which are invaluable to our decision-making processes. The following is an incomplete list of external reviewers who have assisted the Foundation:

Rasika Acharya District of Maple Ridge

Rona Achilles Independent Health Consultant

Nola Aitken University of Lethbridge

Ather Akbari Saint Mary's University

Dr. Barry Anderson The Wellness Champions

Carol Anderson Alberta Health Services

Dr. Terry Anderson Athabasca University

Dr. Hymie Anisman Carleton University

Kristyn Annis Canadians for Clean Prosperity

Gavin Arthur Heart and Stroke Foundation

Aamna Ashraf Canadian Mental Health Association, Toronto

Dr. Peggy L. Aufricht

Jason J. Azmier Canada West Foundation

Chris Baber City of Vancouver

Roald Bahr Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center

Ken Bain Canadian Association of School System Administrators

Jill Baker Public Policy Forum

Noel Baldwin Council of Ministers of Education

Frances Arnieri Ballas Alberta Learning

Kathryn Barker FuturEd Inc.

Bill Barrable British Columbia Transplant Society

Dr. Peter Bartelmus Bergische Universität

Karen Benzies University of Calgary

John Beebe Samara

Dr. Howard Bergman SOLIDAGE Research Group

Dr. Paul Bernard Université de Montréal

Jane Bertrand George Brown College

Andrew Bevan Sustainable Prosperity

Brian F. Bietz Bietz Resources Ltd.

Jeff Bisanz University of Alberta

John Biss University of Regina

Leith Bishop The Institute for Canadian Citizenship

John Blake Dalhousie University

Robin Boadway Queen's University

Jackie Bodker Alberta Education

Dr. Lyndal Bond Centre for Adolescent Health

Alan Boniface Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden

Dr. B. Lynn Bosetti University of Calgary

Hon. Guy Boutilier Government of Alberta

Dr. Will Boyce Queen's University

Marie-Ann Bowden University of Saskatchewan

Patricia Bradshaw St. Mary's University

Brenda Brindle Alberta Agricultural and Rural Development

Jeanne Brooks-Gunn National Center for Children and Families

Dr. Dan Brown University of British Columbia

Ivan Brown University of Toronto

Ralph Brown McMaster University

Roy I. Brown

Dr. Gina Browne McMaster University

Marni Brownell University of Manitoba

Michelle Brownlee Sustainable Prosperity

Dr. Kenneth Brummel-Smith Providence Milwaukie Hospital

Ben Brunnen Calgary Chamber of Commerce

Deb Bryant United Way of the Lower Mainland

Cherise Burda Pembina Institute

Dr. Eva Bures Bishop's University

Fred F. Burghardt Concordia University of Edmonton

Julius Buski Canadian Teacher's Federation

Amy Buskirk Donner Canadian Foundation

Mark Cabaj Here to There

Dr. Susan Cadell University of British Columbia

Dr. Carol Campbell Ontario Institute for Studies in Education

Mel Cappe Insitute for Research on Public Policy

Bruce Carson University of Calgary

Paul Carson Hockey Canada

Tom Carson Canada West Foundation

Dr. David Cassidy Toronto Western Hospital

Dr. Vincent Castellucci Universite de Montreal

Nancy Chapple Family Math Canada Foundation

Dr. Kaireen Chaytor Dalhousie University

Dr. Ernest Cheng Canadian Test Centre

Cindy Chiasson Environmental Law Centre

Paul Childs Alberta Health and Wellness

Stewart Chisholm Evergreen

Lyren Chiu University of British Columbia

Nicholas Christofi Napier University

Mike Cleland Energy Consultant

Gordon Cleveland University of Toronto at Scarborough

Dr. Rodney Clifton University of Manitoba

Len Coad Canada West Foundation

Ray Cohen Canadian Abilities Foundation

Donald C. Cole University of Toronto

Dr. Louis Collins Montreal Neurological Institute

Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai Canadian Medical Foundatin

Dr. John Corlett MacEwan University

The Hon. Judge Cook-Stanhope Calgary Courts Centre

Kathleen Cooper Canadian Environmental Law Association

Carl Corter University of Toronto

Dr. Dominic Covvey University of Waterloo

Dr. John Cowell Health Quality Council of Alberta

Dr. Brendan Croskery Calgary Board of Education

Gwen Crowdis

Brian Lee Crowley Atlantic Institute for Market Studies

Dr. Joanne Cstete Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

Gayle Dakof University of Miami

Malkin Dare Organization for Quality Education

Dr. Brian Day Canadian Medical Association

Maria David-Evans University of Alberta

Paul Davidson Universities Canada

Dr. Ann Davis Nickle Arts Museum

Patrice deBroucker Statistics Canada

Raisa Deber CR&J Deber Consulting

Fiona Deller Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario

Bob Demulder Nature of Conservancy of Canada

Elizabeth Dhuey University of Toronto

Jim Dinning Government of Alberta

Gordon Dirks Calgary Board of Education

Donald Dodge Efficiency Nova Scotia

Dr. Christopher Doig University of Calgary

Dan Doll Hotchkiss Brain Institute

Elizabeth Dolman Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre

Carlene Donnelly CUPS Community Health Centre

Chris Dornan Carleton University

Dr. Emery Dosdall British Columbia Education

Joseph Doucet University of Alberta

Pegi Dover Canadian Environmental Grantmakers Network

Soo Downe University of Central Lancashire

Helen Doyan Public Health Agency of Canada

Marianne Drew-Pennington BC Association of Family Resource Programs

Don Drummond TD Bank Financial Group

Dr. Jane Drummond University of Alberta

Stephen Duckett University of Alberta

Jim Dueck Alberta Education

Dr. Wendy Duggleby University of Alberta

Mireille Duguay Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission

Sean Dukelow University of Calgary

Lynne Duncan University of Alberta

Gary Duthler Federation of Independent Schools in Canada

Dr. Lorna Earl University of Toronto

Stephen T. Easton Simon Fraser University

Linda Ebruk Education Quality and Accountability Office

Dr. Frank Echols University of British Columbia

Paul Ekins University College London

Stewart Elgie University of Ottawa

Ismahane Elouafi, PhD, Canadian Food Inspection Agency

J. C. Herbert Emery University of Calgary

Nadeem Esmail The Fraser Institute

Al Etmanski Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network

Dr. Brian Ferguson University of Guelph

Barbara Findlay Q.C. The Law Office of Barbara Findlay Q.C.

Donald Fisher University of British Columbia

Dr. John FitzGibbon University of Guelph

Dr. Tom Flanagan University of Calgary

Candee Forest Sherwood Public School

Dr. Pierre-Gerlier Forest Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

Dr. Cy Frank The University of Calgary

Martha Friendly Childcare Research and Resource Unit

Brian Felesky Felesky Flynn LLP

Pierre-Gerlier Forest, Fondation Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

Claude Forget

Glenn Fox University of Guelph

Patrick Francis New Brunswick Aboriginal Affairs

Dr. Thomas Emmett Francoeur McGill University

Dr. Blye Frank University of British Columbia

Sheryl Fricke Alberta Human Services

Ian Froude, Engineers Without Borders Canada

Dr. Abraham Fuks McGill University

Dr. George Gadanidis University of Western Ontario

Dr. Michelle Gagnon Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

Alan Gardner Southern Alberta Land Trust Society

Claire Gascon Giard Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development

Colleen Geake Children's Services, Alberta

Dan Gagnier International Institute for Sustainable Development

Dr. Karen Gazith

Colleen Geake Alberta Children's Services

Laura Ghali University of Calgary

Dr. Roger Gibbins Canada West Foundation

Gordon Gibson G.F.G. Enterprise Ltd.

Nancy Gibson CIETcanada

Don Giesbrecht Canadian Childcare Federation

Mark Gifford Vancouver Foundation

Julie Gilbert The Change Foundation

Emma Gilchrist Desmog Canada

Loreen Gilmour United Way of Calgary and Area

James Glass Q.C. Duhamel Manning Feehan Warrender Glass LLP

Victor Glickman University of British Columbia

Bob Glossop Vanier Institute for the Family

Dr. Hillel Goelman University of British Columbia

Rebecca Gokiert University of Alberta

Kindy Gosal Columbia Basin Water Trust Initiatives

John Graham University of Calgary

Tessa Graham British Columbia Provincial Office for the Early Years

Dr. Lee Grapentine Canada Centre for Inland Waters

Dr. David Gratzer

Joan Green Education Quality and Accountability Office

Guy Greenaway Miistakis Institute

John Greenwood Social Research and Demonstration Corporation

Dr. Mary Griffiths Pembina Institute

Jonathan Godin Natural Resources Canada

Marie L. Gordon Q.C. Gordon Zwaenepoel

Lee Gunderson University of British Columbia

Megan Gunnar Institute of Child Development

Dr. Darlene Hall The Child Development Institute

Wendy Hall University of British Columbia

Stephen Hansen BC School Trustees Association

Tara Hanson Alberta Centre for Child Family and Community Research

C. Emdad Haque University of Manitoba

Sheila Harrison

Penny Hawe University of Calgary

Bob Hawkesworth

Jerry Heck Jerat Enterprises

David Helfand Quest University

Keray Henke Alberta Education

Jodie Hierlmeier Alberta Justice

David Hill Alberta Water Research Institute

Karen Hill Canadian Public Health Association

Alex Hillyard Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Dr. David Hodgins University of Calgary

Ellen Hodnett University of Toronto

Jack Hole Lockerbie and Hole Inc.

Mark Holmes Society for Quality Education

Glenn Hope BC Council for Families

Susan Hopkins Chief Jimmy Bruno School

Chaviva Hosek University of Toronto

Robin Houston-Knopff Bow Valley College

Helen Howie  Developmntal Disabilities Resource Centre

Dr. Gary S Hnatko CASA Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health

Dr. E. Anne Hughson University of Calgary

Nedra Huffey AIDS Calgary Awareness Association

Grace Iarocci Simon Fraser University

Peter Istvanffy Calgary Academy

Dr. Peter Jaffe University of Western Ontario

Patty Jansen University of British Columbia

Dr. Holly Johnson University of Ottawa

Ramona Johnston United Way of Calgary and Area

Heidi Julien University of Alberta

Farrah Kahn Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

Dr. Paul Kariya Pacific Salmon Foundation

Tasha Kheiriddin National Post

Greg Kiessling Up Capital Ltd.

Harry Kitchen, Trent University

Alan King Queen's University

Heather King, Alberta Child & Family Services

Margaret King Alberta Health

John R. Kirby

Dr. Ron Kneebone, University of Calgary

Simon Knight Climate Change Central

Dr. Dennis Kodner New York University

Kit Krieger BC Principals' & Vice Principals' Association

Dr. Kathleen Kufeldt University of New Brunswick

Dr. Chaya Kulkarni Invest in Kids

Sharon Kuropatwa Manitoba Department of Family Services and Housing

Arlene Kwasniak, University of Calgary

Ronald Labonte University of Ottawa

Veronica Lacey The Learning Partnership

Dr. Clay Lafleur Claymar International

Dr. Jean LaFrance University of Calgary

Dr. Daniel W. L. Lai University of Calgary

Miriam Lapp, Elections Canada

Dr. Mary Law McMaster University

Bruce Lawson The Counselling Foundation of Canada

Claude Lefrancois Environment Canada

Florian Lemphers Yukon Territorial Government

Oryssia Lennie

Christopher Leo University of Winnipeg

Alan Leschied University of Western Ontario

Pat Letizia Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

Benjamin Levin University of Manitoba

Irene Lewis SAIT Polytechnic

Steven Lewis Access Consulting Ltd.

Steven Lewis University of Calgary

Dr. Rick Linden University of Manitoba

Kim Lockhart United Way of Canada

Dr. Yiping Lou Louisiana State University

Bruce Lourie Ivey Foundation

Dr. Mingshan Lu University of Calgary

Linda Lustins London Life Insurance Company

Dr. Susan Lynch University of Alberta

Diana MacKay The Conference Board of Canada

Mary Pat MacKinnon Canadian Policy Research Networks

Gael MacLeod Calgary City Council

Bruce MacPherson Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board

Chandra Madramootoo McGill University

Antonia Maioni McGill University

Lisa Maslove Canadian Policy Research Networks

Karel Mayrand Fondation David Suzuki

Don Mazankowski Gowlings

Dr. Asit Mazumder University of Victoria

Ryan McCarthy

Velma McColl Earnscliffe Strategy Group

Kerry McCuaig University of Toronto

Dr. Kenneth J. McKenzie University of Calgary

Dr. Tom McLellan Treatment Research Institute

Trevor McLeod Canada West Foundation

Robert McMurty St. Joseph's Health Care London

Paddy Meade Alberta Health and Wellness

Benoît Mercille Fondation Monique-Fitz-Back

Dr. Aubert Michaud Institut de recherche et de développement en agroenvironment

Dr. Herman Michell First Nations University of Canada

Dr. Judy Mill University of Alberta

Dianna Millard, PhD, Alberta Education

Dr. Herman Michell, First Nations University of Canada

Dr. Byron Miller University of Calgary

Rick Milner 

Penny Milton Canadian Education Association

Martin Mimeault Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques

Rick Miner Miner & Miner Management Consultants

Jack Mintz C.D. Howe Institute

Pat Mirenda University of British Columbia

Anne Mitchell Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy

Noah Morris Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

Patty Morris Developmental Disabilities Resource Centre

Dr. Gary Morrison

Duncan Munn C. D. Howe Institute

John Myroon Alberta Education

Dr. Gary Naglie Toronto Rehabilitation Insitute

Dr. Lynn Nagle University of Toronto

Dr. N. K. Nagpal Ministry of Environment, BC

Filomena Nalewajek Canuck Place Children's Hospice

Dr. Alison Niccols Hamilton Health Sciences

Catherine J. Nicol Alberta Education

Andy Nikiforuk ARDN Consulting

Dr. Brian Noonan University of Saskatchewan

Jeremy O'Krafka Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers

Beatrice Olivastri Friends of the Earth Canada

Liz O'Neill Big Brothers Big Sisters

Bethany Osborne Sheridan College

Dr. Joy D. Osofsky Louisiana State University

Dr. Robert J. D. Page University of Calgary

Andrew Pape-Salmon Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance

Jerry Paquette University of Western Ontario

The Hon. Percy Paris Nova Scotia Department of Economic and Rural Development

Monique Passelac-Ross Canadian Institute of Resources Law

Monica Patten Community Foundations of Canada/Fondations communitaires du Canada

Dr. Abigail Payne McMaster University

Dr. Janet Peace Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Marni Pearce Alberta Education

Kate Pedlow Norlien Foundation

Lisa Pedrini Vancouver School District

Dr. Raymond Perry University of Manitoba

Ray Peters Queen's University

Dr. Linda Phillips University of Alberta

Dr. Will Pickett Queen's University

Ken Pike New Brunswick Association for Community Living

Alice Pitt York University

Monica Pohlman Monica K Pohlmann & Associates

Dr. Marc N. Potenza Yale University

Greg Pratt Barons-Eureka-Warner Family and Community Support Services

Cheryl Prokopanko Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth

Kathleen Provost Autism Society Canada

Dr. Marsha Kline Pruett Smith College

Cathy Pryce Alberta Health Services

Ray Racette Canadian College of Health Leaders

Dr. Chris Ragan McGill University

Cynthia Ramsay Jewish Western Bulletin

Dr. Tom Rathwell Dalhousie University

Marlo Raynolds BluEarth Renewables Inc.

Jeff Reading Climate Change Central, Alberta

Laurie Rektor Voluntary Sector Forum

Kimm Renaud Calgary Board of Education

Steven Renzetti Brock University

Nancy Reynolds Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research

John Richards Simon Fraser University

W. Craig Riddell University of British Columbia

Shivani Rikhy Alberta Children's Hospital

Robert Roach Canada West Foundation

Richard Robarts Environment Canada

Kari Roberts Canada West Foundation

Barry Robinson Ecojustice

Vince Rodgers Alberta Education

Paulette Rodziewicz Alberta Ministry of Human Services

Gayla Rogers University of Calgary

Dr. W. Todd Rogers University of Alberta

Dr. John Rook National Council of Welfare

Dr. Noralou Roos University of Manitoba

Denise Rose Foothills School Division 38

David G. Ross SAIT

Dr. Bernard Roy Laval University

Stephen Samis, Canadian Health Services Research Foundation

Michele Samuel Alberta Education

Ron Saunders Canadian Policy Research Networks

Hans Schreier University of British Columbia

Joanne Schroder University of British Columbia

Katreena Scott University of Toronto

Dr. Andrew Sharpe Centre for the Study of Living Standards

Stuart Shanker York University

Charleen Shaw Alberta Council of Women's Shelters

Diane Shearer Family Justice Services

Dr. Nicole Sherren Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

Dr. Alan Shiell University of Calgary

Dr. Hans Schuetze University of British Columbia

Greg Shyba Alberta Ingenuity Center for Water Research

Linda Siegel University of British Columbia

Dr. Duncan Sinclair Queen's University

Dr. Christopher Smith Muttart Foundatio

Donna Smith Learner Assessment

Dr. Eldon Smith University of Calgary

Michael Smith Health Products and Food Branch, Health Canada

Dr. William Smith McGill University

Dr. Tracy Solomon The Hospital for Sick Children

Leah Soroka Health Canada

Laura Spicer Indian Affairs and Northern Development

John Sproule Institute of Health Economics

Mark Stabile University of Toronto

Tara Stang Muttart Foundation

John Stapleton

Elizabeth Starr University of Windsor

James Stauch Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation

Raymond Stemp

Valerie Sterling The Learning Partnership

Deborah Stienstra University of Manitoba

Dr. Janet Storch University of Victoria

Marilyn Struthers, Ryerson University

Katie Sullivan International Emissions Trading Association

Jack Styan Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network

Bill Sutherland Strathcona County

Les Swain

Guy Swinnerton University of Alberta

Shauna Sylvester Institute for Media, Policy and Civil Society

Dr. Moshe Syzf McGill University

Dr. Alan Taylor Raven Research Associates

Cathy Taylor Ontario Nonprofit Network

Kali Taylor Student Energy

Dr. Jean Teitelbaum Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

John TeLinde City of Calgary

Denis Thérien McGill University

Sherri Torjman Caledon Institute of Social Policy

Heather Tremain reSource Rethinking Building

Mark Tremblay Statistics Canada

David Trick David Trick and Associates Ltd.

David Tunney Children's Services

Louise Turner Premier's Technology Council

Dr. David Ungar Dalhousie University

Charles Ungerleider Canadian Council on Learning

Dr. Franco J. Vaccarino University of Toronto

Debbie Vance Alberta Education

Dr. Sue Vandeveld-Coke Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre

Petr Varmuza City of Toronto

Anne Wade Concordia University

Katherine Wagner

Sarah Walker, Hospice Calgary

C. Peter Watson Alberta Environment

Dr. Denise Watt Calgary Health Region

Marian Weber Alberta Research Council

Michael Wernick Privy Council Office

Drew Westwater Elections Alberta

Mary E. Wiktorowicz York University

Angela Wilde Lethbridge School District No. 51

Karen Wilkie Canada West Foundation

Cathy Wilkinson Canadian Boreal Initiative

Dr. John Willinsky University of British Columbia

Elinor Wilson Canadian Public Health Agency

Dr. David Wolfe Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Richard G. Wolfe University of Toronto

Dr. Carol A. Wong University of Western Ontario

Alexander Wood Sustainable Prosperity

Dr. Roberta Woodgate University of Manitoba

Frances Woolley Carleton University

Bob Wyatt Muttart Foundation

Jill Wyatt United Way of Calgary and Area

Mike Yakemchuk Myalta Ventures Ltd

Carol Yaworski Learning Disabilities of Ontario

Lisa Young University of Calgary

Greg Zaric University of Western Ontario

Dr. Jennifer Zelmer Azimuth Health Group

Dr. Todd Zimmerling Alberta Conservation Association

Dr. David Zitner Dalhousie University

Dr. Dan Zuege Calgary Health Region

Dr. David Zussman University of Ottawa