Financing the Energy Transition to Net-Zero: A Hosted Conversation in Montreal, QC

Throughout 2022, Max Bell Foundation is celebrating its 50th anniversary by hosting a series of conversations about some of the thorniest policy problems in Canada today.

On May 10, the Foundation co-hosted an event with the Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill on the investment and finance challenges of the net-zero energy transition.

Money for Nothing: Investment and Financial Policies to get to Net Zero showcased a panel of three experts representing the private, public, and research sectors. Rachel Samson, Paul Rochon, and Martha Hall Findlay shared their perspectives on how best to move Canada to a prosperous, net-zero future.

The discussion identified the central challenge and key players to drive this transition, the importance of investment realities in informing policies, and the challenge faced by the oil and gas sector in reducing GHG emissions. The panel discussed “sustainable finance” and public policy in influencing capital markets and identified several key challenges for policymakers. The conversation highlighted the need for multisectoral collaboration, a focus on certainty and incentives as key drivers of economic growth and decarbonization, and the potential of designing effective national actions within the complex international context.

The event was attended by an in-person audience at the McGill Faculty Club and Conference Centre and was available online via livestream.

To watch the full event, click here.


photo credits: © 2022 · Michael Abril