Alberta NeuroScience Research

Basic research in neuroscience yields a range of valuable outcomes


The goal of this project was to encourage world-class neuroscience research in Canada in order to attract and retain cutting edge scholars to Canada. The NeuroScience Canada Foundation funded a number of emerging neuroscientists’ research at three Alberta universities, the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary and the University of Lethbridge. They recognized that neural scholars in Canada are leading contributors to progress in the field, and wanted to support advances in neural research of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, MS and brain tumors, among others. Research funding was granted to a NeuroScience Fellow, two (2) Neuroscholars, and one student at each of the universities (3). This project supported research into neuralgia interactions, development of the vertebrate nervous system, spinal cord regeneration, and rehabilitation medicine on regeneration after spinal cord injury, among others.


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