All Aboard for Patient Engagement: A Resource Kit for Patients, Providers, and Leaders

A resource toolkit of patient engagement strategies can support the work of experienced patient engagement personnel in improving the delivery of health care


The pupose of this project was to assist Alberta Health Services Patient Engagement Department in developing evidence based education and supports needed to enhance patient engagement. Researchers were able to supplement emerging research about patient engagement by systematically documenting the process and impact of patient engagement. Patient engagement is increasingly being recognized as playing a key role in improving the quality and safety of healthcare interventions.

Grant Outputs

Patient Engagement: Putting Patients at the Centre of Care –

This project assessed what resources, preparation and support were necessary for patients and providers to redesign the Alberta health care delivery system around patient needs. In order to build capacity for greater patient engagement, a resource kit was developed with information about emerging patient engagement processes. Researchers found that using a resource kit can successfully supplement the work of experienced patient engagement personnel, that leadership is essential to an effective patient engagement initiative, and that developing a supportive culture requires providers and leaders to have knowledge and the skill set to engage with patients and the time to conduct such work.

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