Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Education in Medical School Programs

Doctors should be able to communicate with their patients in an informed manner about complementary and alternative medicine


The goal of this project was to improve Canadian medical school education by establishing and effectively integrating complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) into Canadian undergraduate medical education (UME). The medical education community recognized in 2002 the need to align CAM content with traditional medical education. Subsequently, a number of medical education programs integrated CAM training, with varying degrees of success, in schools across the United States and Canada. This project assisted medical school instructors with helping their students develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary to discuss CAM with patients in an informed manner.

Grant Outputs

A Guide for the Development, Implementation, and Sustainability of Curriculum about Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Undergraduate Medical Education Programs –

This report describes how CAM education and training can most effectively be integrated into Canadian UME programs, based on evidence from existing education reforms.

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