Ecofiscal Commission on Alberta’s climate policy

Key stakeholders meet to discuss review climate change options for and Alberta


This funding supported a panel discussion about the future of Alberta’s climate policy and what it means for industry and consumers. In the lead up to the major global climate negotiations in Paris, provinces across Canada are aspiring to bold action—Alberta included. As Alberta’s government prepares to release its updated climate strategy, it has committed in no uncertain terms to achieve its 2020 targets. Yet Alberta’s context, as a major Canadian oil and gas producer, is unique. Its policy decisions must consider a broader range of issues including its role meeting global energy demands and the economic importance of its oil and gas industry. Negotiating these complex issues and moving forward with solutions that achieve both economic and environmental imperatives will require the broad support of Albertans. The purpose of this event was to advance meaningful discussion of these issues with leaders of industry, government, and civil society.

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Three Videos from the Eco-fiscal Commission Breakfast Event in Calgary –

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