Economic Note on Technological and Organizational Innovations in Health Care

Telemedicine is an example of how innovation in health care can be encouraged by market forces


This project informed public debate about introducing more innovation and market competition to the field of healthcare. The publication argues that the bureaucracies that operate the medical system have become excessively rigid and are consequently providing subpar health care that is unresponsive to the needs of Canadians. In response to these problems it suggests introducing market competition in the realm of health care provision, as a means to drive innovation. Telemedicine is discussed as an example of successful innovative technology use in the field of health care.

Grant Outputs

Telemedicine: Improving the Healthcare System through Innovation –

This report examines some of the technological innovations used in medical care systems inside and outside of Canada. It shows that the Canadian Medicare system is lagging behind others countries that were quick to utilize innovative technologies. The report suggests that because public health care systems lack incentives to innovate, new technologies are being underused in the Canadian context. The report recommends that technological innovations, including telemedicine, are a way of improving the efficiency of the health care system and increasing the choices offered to patients.

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