Environmental Conservation Tax and Estate Planning Program

Tax and estate planning efforts can help landholders protect the integrity of their lands, preserving wildlife habitats, watersheds and agricultural areas


The objective of this project was to inform landholders about existing policy directed at land conservation. The Southern Alberta Land Trust Society (SALTS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the ecological, scenic, productive and cultural values of Alberta’s prairie and foothills regions. They focus on organizing and directing conservation efforts from the grassroots community level, and consider ecological preservation as well as agricultural, scenic, historic and cultural land values as important factors in conservation. This project produced a set of educational materials for landowners on how to most effectively protect land reserves through existing tax and estate planning mechanisms, and provided a series of workshops for communities in order to facilitate local engagement with the initiative.

Grant Outputs

Passing It On – http://www.salts-landtrust.org/succession_2_SALTSpassingiton.html#2

This website resource provides basic information to landholders who are interested in establishing a plan for succession and estate planning.

Alberta’s Great Plains on the Brink of Great Change – Published in Alberta Beef Magazine. – http://www.beefnews.com/

This article was published in the magazine Alberta Beef. It raises general awareness about the SALTS program regarding environmental conservation through ranch land protection, and directs readers to the organization for further aid in estate planning.

Grant Details

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