Internship: Health Reform Issues

Canadians should pay more through direct tax transfers towards their medical care in the short and long term in order to sustain the healthcare system


Two projects were supported by a research intern. The first considered age-specific utilization rates and trends in service intensity in health care service delivery. The research traced health-sector cost inflation projections for provincial health spending. The second project focused on private health care costs and public money, and specifically on the possibility of recapturing costs from individuals by treating health care services as taxable benefits.

Grant Outputs

Research Support for the Health Care Series of Commentaries –

This grant provided foundational research for the following two projects as part of C.D. Howe’s Health Care Series of Commentaries project.
– Will the Baby Boomers Bust the Health Budget? Demographic Change and Health Care Financing Reform (by William B.P. Robson)
– Funding Public Provision of Private Health: The Case for a Co-payment Contribution through the Tax System (by Shay Aba, Wolfe D. Goodman, and Jack M. Mintz.)

Grant Details

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