Internship: Outstanding School Principals

Principals play a critical role in student achievement in secondary schools


The goal of this project was to increase awareness of the essential contribution a principal’s leadership and management skills can make for student outcomes and school success. The project involved interviewing principals and preparing a publication documenting their leadership styles and successes. Principals are expected to not only manage the day-to-day operations of schools, but they are also expected to be leaders of learning, energizing the learning community to encourage greater levels of student achievement, while operating in an atmosphere of shared-decision making. This project allowed a researcher to conduct a series of interviews with exceptional secondary school principals, compiling a set of case-studies that revealed best practices of those who excelled in their leadership roles.

Grant Outputs

Principal Portraits: A look at successful secondary school leadership and management practices in Alberta and British Columbia –

This report documents interviews with ten high school principals, five from each Alberta and British Columbia. The report concludes that certain practices were common among all of the interviewed principals, such as establishing high expectations for student achievement in the realm of academics, gaining parental and community support, developing a caring school culture, and establishing a high degree of teacher commitment to school goals. The report was used in administrator education sessions held over the summer session.


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