Internship: Student Assessment in Canada

Standardized tests improve accountability in the education system


The purpose of this internship was to inform debate over the value of standardized testing. The project examined the means and the purposes of gathering academic assessment materials. The concluding report favours the use of standardized student assessments.

Grant Outputs

Student Assessment in B.C.’s Public Schools: A Guide for Parents –

This report explains the purposes and kinds of testing applied in B.C.’s public schools. It first explains how the Ministry of Education justifies testing, and points to leading research which shows that students work harder and perform better when they know they will be tested on school materials. It also suggests that teachers use tests as essential feedback which helps them plan what areas to focus on in lesson planning. The report concludes that testing is used to improve teaching and learning, that it is constantly being updated to ensure the most value is provided, and that it is ultimately beneficial to student outcomes.

Student Assessment in Canada –

Over 350 copies of the published report were distributed to teacher organizations, policymakers, and school boards. The report concludes that standardized testing could contribute to accountability in the education system by appropriately using data collected in student achievement assessments.

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