London Museum School

Students benefit from interdisciplinary learning opportunities that capitalize on local community resources


The purpose of this project was to develop an education program targeting elementary aged children for a week-long, interdisciplinary local learning program in London, Ontario. The pilot program was based on the Campus Calgary Open Minds program. The initiative was championed by the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, and sought to provide students from the City of London and Elgin, Oxford and Middlesex Counties an opportunity to undertake a week-long field learning excursion in the community. Teachers developed 8-week curriculum plans that were based on the learning outcomes established by the Ontario school board. The one year pilot program was a success, running programs for seven classes, totaling 178 students. Student writing evaluations showed that in two months there was an increase of 16% in the number of students meeting or exceeding grade level expectations. Following the success of the pilot, program organizers along with two other school boards sought funding and support from local corporate sponsors, and since then London Museum School has developed into an award winning project.

Grant Outputs

London Museum School –

Based on the program Campus Calgary Open Minds, this London, Ontario program sees elementary school classes spend a week of learning at a local learning site. Students are introduced to science activities, art tours, culture workshops, historic sites and archeological digs at the five possible sites: the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, Fanshawe Pioneer Village, London Regional Children’s Museum, Museum London, and Museum of Ontario Archeology.

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