Outcomes that Matter to Canadians

Occupational therapists can help ill and injured individuals to overcome roadblocks and return to work, resulting in increased economic productivity


The purpose of this project was to inform policy by identifying superior prevention and early intervention programs that facilitate return to work. The research looked at normal adults, the chronically ill, and children. The communication plan was directed towards policymakers and relevant stakeholders, including injured or disabled adults.

Grant Outputs

Enabling Occupation: An Occupational Therapy Perspective – http://www.caot.ca/default.asp?pageid=1439#2

This report was a consumer oriented guide, advocating client-centered practices with individual, group, agency, organization and government clients. It also outlined societal trends influencing occupational therapy.

Conference Presentations –

This research resulted in 20 presentations at conferences and workshops. Further case studies on this topic were presented at the World Federation of Occupational Therapists Conference in Montreal and the Canadian Adaptive Seating and Mobility Conference in 2000.

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