The Outcomes of Community Service Learning

Community Service Learning and Community Based Research provide opportunities for post-secondary students to engage with diverse local communities, and provide a volunteer force to contribute to realizing the goals of community organizations


UBC’s Learning Exchange allows individual students to do community learning placements either over the span of a semester or in short-duration projects in various community settings. This service learning provides a volunteer force to contribute to the fulfillment of the goals of local community organizations. It also allows students to engage with new service communities, learning about local issues while encouraging students to apply their academic training to local issues.

Grant Outputs

UBC-Community Learning Initiative –

The UBC-Community Learning Initiative seeks to engage students, faculty, staff, and communities in building their capacity to collaborate toward the resolution of complex community-based challenges. This internship resulted in the creation of a database of literature on the subject of Community Service Learning, as well as a research proposal in the field of Community Service Learning.

Grant Details

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