Whole School Mental Health Promotion Pilot

Improving students’ emotional well-being within their school community has positive outcomes for all students


The purpose of this project was to demonstrate the value of fostering emotional literacy among student populations. It was based on the World Health Organization’s whole school approach to school change. The approach suggests that measures which foster students’ sense of security, social connectedness, positive regard, and emotional well-being serve entire school communities, including students deemed to be “at risk.” This project was based on an Australian research program called The Gatehouse Project, which sought to improve and measure emotional literacy in Australian secondary schools.

Grant Outputs

Southern Alberta Child and Youth Health Network Final WSMHP Progress Report –

This report outlines the findings of the Whole School Mental Health Program, which was designed to make students feel safe, valued and connected within their school communities. The project resulted in staff at all four schools reporting positive changes to school climate, activity, focus and priorities for students as a direct result of the WSMHP project work. Schools developed a strategy to maintain improvements that were self-sustaining and outlived the project. Parent and community involvement also increased as a result of this project.

Grant Details

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