New Program Area: Civic Engagement and Democratic Institutions

Max Bell Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of an additional program area called Civic Engagement and Democratic Institutions. Starting September 15, 2022, we encourage potential partners who are seeking support for projects that would advance the objectives of this program to send Letters of Intent through our online application portal. The program area is summarized below, and details about Max Bell Foundation’s approach to making grants are available on our website at

Why a program in Civic Engagement and Democratic Institutions?

At Max Bell Foundation, we believe better public policy results when governments and civil society engage with each other to develop innovative solutions to pressing public problems. The success of that kind of engagement depends on a well informed civil society with the capacity and motivation to engage, through inclusive processes, with open and resilient democratic institutions.

What do we hope the program will achieve?

Working with and supporting partners with grant funding, Max Bell Foundation seeks the following broad outcomes:

  • Canada’s democratic institutions are resilient and engage respectfully with civil society
  • Canadians, especially those who face barriers to engagement, are enabled and prepared for respectful civic engagement
  • The public information and media environments contribute to constructive civic engagement

How can you partner with us?

We are non-partisan and seek non-partisan partners.

We seek to support innovative projects that inform public policy changes that, once made, help contribute to the outcomes articulated in our program areas.

Complete details of our approach, criteria, and process are available on our website at  We encourage you to begin a conversation with us by sending a Letter of Intent through our online application portal.