Internship: Early Childhood Intervention for At-Risk Children

A substantial body of research exists on the subject of Early Childhood Intervention for at-risk children


The purpose of this project was to conduct a literature review on the existing international research and policy papers related to pre-school intervention programs directed at at-risk children. This foundational research became the basis of a later proposal for a Canadian pilot program in early childhood intervention. The intent was to measure the impact of pre-school level intervention programs for at-risk children on student academic success up to grade 8.

Grant Outputs

This internship resulted in a literature review of existing international research and social policy papers, and a further application to the federal government’s New Economy Initiative for a later pilot program study.

Grant Details

  • Amount: $11,300
  • Type: Internship
  • Total Budget: $11,300
  • Period: May 2001 to Oct 2001
  • Recipient:

    Society for the Advancement of Excellence in Education -

  • Project Leader: Helen Raham
  • Keywords: At-Risk Children , Early Childhood
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