Internship: Evaluation of One World Child Development Centre

Early intervention designed to support at-risk students and families as they enter the education system helps students achieve and excel


The purpose of this internship was to assist with initial data gathering and management as part of a larger longitudinal study of the One World Development program at CUPS. The program works with children (ages 3-6) and their families that are at serious risk of being insufficiently prepared to enter kindergarten. The One World Development program utilizes comprehensive interventions to help prepare children for school. The internship allowed initial research collection prior to the start of a more comprehensive evaluation.

Grant Outputs

CUPS One World Child Development Center –

The CUPS One World project has demonstrated success in significantly improving receptive language skills, and improved caregiver self-esteem with a trend toward reduced parenting stress and risk for child maltreatment. The initial project was followed by longitudinal research that has traced One World children as they turned 7 and 10 and has resulted in on-going service delivery at CUPS.

Grant Details

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