Setting Strategies for Research, Partnerships and Knowledge Transfer

Standardized assessment, prevention and treatment systems for seniors’ mental health will become increasingly important as the Canadian population ages


The purpose of this project was to identify gaps and needs in the existing healthcare system related to seniors’ mental health. It is expected that by 2026 there will be 36% more seniors (adults 65+) than children below the age of 15. The demands of an aging population on the medical system, and particularly mental health services, must be reflected in public policy as there will be unprecedented demand. The Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health conducted a needs survey, then created and disseminated a framework to help shape priority research themes. Through this project, they established a National Seniors’ Mental Health Research and Knowledge Exchange Network which connects stakeholders and helps bridge information gaps.

Grant Outputs

Setting Strategies for Research, Partnerships and Knowledge Transfer Initiative –

This report catalogues the feedback obtained through the evaluation of the 2-day workshop. It indicates that participants were satisfied with the process and outcome of the event. Sub committees were put into place with key leads to ensure that the work would move forward.

National Guidelines for Seniors Health –

The CCSMH National Guideline Project was created to support the development of evidence-based recommendations in four key areas of seniors’ mental health. The recommendations are based on the fact that mental illness is not a normal consequence of aging and can often be prevented, treated and managed. The guidelines were developed to amend knowledge gaps so that prevention, assessment and treatment approaches would be more widely known. CCSMH helped develop a comprehensive consultative process for identifying high-priority mental illnesses.

Canadian Center for Seniors’ Mental Health –

The Canadian Center for Seniors’ Mental Health website provides a place for interested parties to learn about senior’s mental health and access research, events and announcements on the subject.

Research Workshop 2004 –

The CCSMH hosted a two-day invitational workshop on seniors’ mental health research priorities from September 20-21, 2004 in Toronto, Ontario . The purpose of the workshop was to identify and document a set of national research priorities for funding related to seniors’ mental health.

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