Symposium for New Members of Parliament

At the outset of a new parliamentary session, new Members of Parliament can be assisted with professional training on relevant policy debates at non-partisan policy symposia


The purpose of this project was to inform newly elected Members of Parliament about ongoing policy debates at a two-day policy symposium in Ottawa before the first sitting of parliament. The symposium brought together new MPs in a non-partisan environment with policy experts facilitating open discussion about pertinent topics of policy debate. The Queen’s University School of Policy Studies identified a need for this policy “crash-course,” as new MPs are expected to develop a comprehensive understanding of complex files in a short period of time.

Grant Outputs

Symposium for New Members of Parliament –

The policy symposium for new Members of Parliament occurred in October 2001. It introduced timely and relevant topics through open discussion sessions with a variety of policy experts. The event was well-received by participants and included 22 of the incoming 46 MPs.

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