Update CEGN Grants Database

The database of the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers Network provides a current snapshot of the types of environmental projects that are funded in Canada


The purpose of this project was to inform environmental grant making in Canada by updating the existing database of the Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network. The CEGN Database is a resource for organizations seeking funding for environmental research, and serves as a platform to connect the multitude of Canadian granting agencies that support environmental research. A vast majority of CEGN members find the database useful in informing discussion, debate and action among grantmakers and others on key environmental issues.

Grant Outputs

Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network Database – http://www.cegn.org/English/grantmaking/dbsearch_public.cfm

CEGN’s Canadian Environmental Grants Database is an online database containing information on grants made in support of Canadian environmental initiatives. For individual grantmakers, it serves as a practical resource that provides information about day-to-day work and strategic funding decisions, identifies key players who may be sources of information or potential partners on specific issues, and expands the contact base of grantmakers and potential recipients. For grantseekers, the database helps to identify potential sources of funding for environmental work in Canada.

Grant Details

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