City Hall School Week

Students and teachers benefit from meaningful, hands-on learning


Campus Calgary allows students from K-12 to participate in a week-long learning field trip at one of a number of sites, including the Calgary Zoo, the Glenbow Museum, the Science Center, and Inglewood Bird Sanctuary. The project added City Hall School and evaluated the interdisciplinary study of civic engagement, local government, and political institutions. City Hall School was well received by teachers and parents alike, and the evaluation indicated excellent learning outcomes.

Grant Outputs

Campus Calgary – City Hall School –

City Hall School is a successful model for educating students about a variety of civic issues. The program now offers lessons like “Structures: Investigating Calgary’s downtown landscape,” “Social Issues: Who is responsible” and “Waste in Our World: What happens in Calgary?” City Hall School provides teachers and students with examples of real world civic engagement that helps make classroom learning more meaningful.

Campus Calgary Evaluation –

Teachers provided strong positive feedback about the Campus Calgary and City Hall School Program. The evaluation encouraged ongoing data collection from student participants, and from participant teachers. It also recommended polling non-participant teachers to determine what might encourage them to apply to the program.

Grant Details

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