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Digital media sources have the potential to teach educators new and innovative classroom techniques for the benefit of students


The purpose of this project was to help create more effective classroom policies that are designed around individual student needs and learning capabilities. inlets used digital technology to produce and disseminate innovative educational materials to the teaching community in order to inform educators through a grassroots media campaign. The educational center for excellence includes a Teacher Development Institute, a Parent Support Organization, a Digital Media Center and a Research and Development Group.

Grant Outputs

Calgary Academy Online Resources –

inlets provides a number of digital media programs that are available to aid in teacher professional development. They have programs related to math, language arts, fitness program development and more, all of which are freely available on their website.

Calgary Academy produced multi-media CDs for use by teachers in the fields of reading, study, and diversity, to name a few. Their education and dissemination program was externally reviewed, and results suggested that students demonstrated higher achievement levels as a result of the inlets teachers’ workshops. Teachers in Alberta and elsewhere had the opportunity to learn from the innovative teaching methods designed by the Calgary Academy, and demonstrated improved academic achievement results in classrooms. –

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