program area : special project

Internship: Regionalization and Services Delivery

Catalogue Business and Personal Papers of Max Bell

Dianne Marra Memorial Grant

The Charities and Democracy Project Phase IV

Renovations to Max Bell Hall

Internship: Community Development Financial Institution Policy

Max Bell Hall Upgrades

Linking Ecological Goods and Services to Integrated Water Management

Policy Series and Policy Working Group

Public Policy Symposium

Sector Champion Membership

Relocating Art Installation: Structurist Relief in Fifteen Parts

Leadership for a Stronger Canada

Publication and Event Partner: 40th Anniversary Awards

Imagine Canada Board Engagement Toolkit

Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations Discretionary Grant

Philanthropic Foundations Canada Regulation and Political Activities

Philanthropic Foundations Canada Discretionary Grant

Negotiating Donor Agreements with Universities: A Toolkit for Canadian Foundations

Political Activity and Advocacy by Canadian Charities: Piloting a Networked Policy Process

Dr. Cy Frank International Travelling Lectureship

New Policy Architecture for the Charitable and Nonprofit Sector

A Proposal to Protect Canadian Democracy