program area : environment

Prairie Farmer & Rancher Forum

Informing Policy Decision for a Low-carbon Workforce Transition

Mitigating Wildfire: Resilient Futures for Communities & Forests in The Face of Climate Change

Circular Economy Policies

Building the case to permanently protect Forest Stewardship Council designated conservation lands

Info-Age 2000 Project

Citizens’ Forum on Clean Air

Key Issues in Canadian Water Policy

Internship: Multi-Project/Natural Capital Project

Nature of Cities Regional Greenspace Workshop

Natural Capital Incentives

2006 Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy

Getting it Right: Balancing Climate Change and Energy Policies in Western Canada

Update CEGN Grants Database

2008 Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy

Expert Review of the Government of Alberta’s Draft Land-Use Framework

Energy and Environment Series

‘Economy, Environment and Equity’ – CEGN 2009 Conference

Water Pricing: Seizing a Public Policy Dilemma by the Horns

The Green Economy: Competitiveness and the Environment

Integrating Bio-indicators of stream water quality into regional planning

Securing Water for People and the Environment

Public Interest Standing at Environmental Boards and Tribunals

A Water Quality Assessment Framework for a Safe Food System

Greening the Built Environment

Picture a Province 2.0

Taking Stock: Improving ENGO Participation in Alberta’s Environmental Policy Development

Canada’s Entrepreneurs on the Emerging Clean Energy Economy

Bright Lights: Promising Practices for Improving Urban Energy Systems

Canadian Green Fiscal Commission

Development Grant: Public Engagement before Alberta’s Environmental Regulatory Tribunals

Invest in the West

In Water we Trust? Evaluating water trusts for use in Alberta

Fragmentation and Conversion of Agricultural Land: Analysis of Values to Inform Agricultural Land Use Policy

Bio-inspired Solar Energy

Interprovincial Municipal Conservation Research Collaborative

Ecofiscal Commission on Alberta’s climate policy

Natural Resources, Human Capital, and Trade and Investment

Fostering Aboriginal Environmental Stewardship in Natural Resource Development

Alberta Roundtable on the Economy and Environment

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission – Phase Two

Smart Energy Communities Scorecard

Protected Areas and Conservation Landscapes Certification

Finding the Path to Better Soil Health: An Exploratory Workshop

Effective Property Buyout Programs to Reduce Flood Risk in a Changing Climate

A Public Policy Collaborative

Canada Water Agency Forum Response

Key Biodiversity Areas for Land Use Planning in Manitoba and Newfoundland