program area : health wellness

Moving Knowledge into Action: Policy Reforms for Primary Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Closing the Financial Help/Benefit Gap for People with Low Incomes

Early Years Cost Benefit Analysis

Community-Based Senior Services

Informing Primary Care Reform

Injury Prevention in Minor Hockey

Better Transitions to Adulthood for Youth in Care

Informed Shared Decision-Making: Continuing Education for Physicians

Forensic Health Online Curriculum

Outcomes that Matter to Canadians

Alberta NeuroScience Research

Operating in the Dark

Wellness Institute Services Evaluation Research (WISER)

Health Policies in Canada

Internship: Health Programs Development

Welcome Home: Cost Effectiveness, Outcomes and Continuity in Home Care

Universality and Freedom of Choice: Health care solutions of the future

Health Care’s Hidden Face

Internship: Health Reform Issues

Early Childhood Development Research

Health Care Series of Commentaries

Canadian-Swedish Health Care Newsletter

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Development Initiative

Canadian Tour

CAM Development Initiative

End of Life Policy in Canada

Swedish Healthcare Reform Newsletters 2002

Internship: Recognizing Foreign Accreditation in Health Care

Feasibility Study: Stockholm Reforms

Internship: Health Promotion and Policy Review and Analysis

Improved Access to Addictions Counselling

Internship: Alternative Approaches to Health Care Financing

Internship: Inventory of Private Care

Moving From Debate to Action

Straight Talk about Health Care Reform

Canadian Initiative on Frailty and Aging

Spring 2003 Tour of Johan Hjertqvist to Alberta and Saskatchewan

Internship: Multi-Project

How Good is Canadian Health Care?

Hospital Outcome Assessment in Canada

Project NeuroArm

Americans’ Experience of Health Care Systems: An Exploratory Study

Improving the Health and Health Care Services in Aboriginal Communities

Disability Savings Plan: Research and Strategic Planning

Issues in Health Care Reform 2003 and Beyond

Advancing CAM Research in Alberta

Internship: Cost Recovery for Uninsured Services

Evaluation of Building Community Capacity and Addressing Policy Issues

Risk Factor Survey Development

Exploring the Chemical Management of Canadian Systems Youth

Whole School Mental Health Promotion Pilot

Economic Note on Private Alternatives to Health Care Funding

McGill Skills Center – Clinical and Communications Skills Program

McGill Center for Integrated Whole Person Care

The Alberta Arthroplasty Study

Economic Note on Regulation of Private Health Insurance in Quebec – Part Two

National Child Health and Environment Policy Consultation

Population Health: Moving from Evidence to Effective Public Policy

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Education in Medical School Programs

Sizing the Reserve Supply of Clinical Staff Time and Evaluating Idle Capacity in Hospitals

The Registered Disability Savings Plan: Maximizing the Ripples

Successful Societies

Engaging Patients and Families to Develop Safety Indicators for Rehabilitation

6th Annual IN-CAM Symposium

Economic Note on Technological and Organizational Innovations in Health Care

Patients and Professionals Partner to Redesign Inpatient Care Systems

All Aboard for Patient Engagement: A Resource Kit for Patients, Providers, and Leaders

Support for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Transition from School to Community

All Aboard for Patient Engagement: A Readiness Toolkit for Patients, Providers and Leaders

Research on Patient Engagement in Health Services

Development Grant: Proposal Development for Collaborative Work Among Different Types of Physicians

Health Policy E-brief Series

Domestic Violence Primary Prevention Policy and Legislation Framework

Caring For the Caregiver: Service for Family Caregivers of Cancer Patients at the End of Life

Regional Workshops to Seek Input into the Brain Canada Research Program

Health Care Citizen Engagement: Project Partner Planning

Spreading Inpatient Work Redesign to Improve Quality of Care and Work Environments

Research to Policy to Practice: Preventing Domestic Violence

Research Commentaries on Healthcare Policy reform

Supporting Self-Regulation at Age 3 – All Our Babies Study

CIFAR Discretionary Grant

Prenatal to Three Program Evaluation Project

Development Grant: Human and Ecosystem Health

Calgary Counselling Centre Discretionary Grant

Barth Syndrome Foundation Directors Grant

Alberta Wellness Foundation Campaign

Development Grant: Counselling as a Treatment for Depression in Alberta

CUPS One World Child Development Centre: Effects At Age 15 Following A Two-Generation Preschool Program

Scaling Up Social and Emotional Learning Programs in Atlantic Canada

Development Grant: Documenting the Difference – Building Database of BC’s Family Resource Programs

A Team Approach to e-Health Supported Home Care for Seniors with Multiple Chronic Conditions

Volunteer navigation partnerships: A compassionate communities approach to early palliative care

Second International Conference on End of Life Ethics, Law, Policy, and Practice

Testing the Scalability of a Comprehensive Perinatal Health Healthcare Model in Alberta

Consensus Day for Integrated Youth Mental Health in Alberta

Integrated Care Pathway for Major Depressive Disorder

Integrating Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness into Support for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence

Innovation, Equity & The Future of Prosperity

COVID-19 Action Fund

COVID-19 Action Fund

COVID-19 Action Fund

Building an Alberta Framework for Primary Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence

Networks of Care: Joint Advocacy to promote the mental wellness of child welfare leavers

Opportunity Youth Employment Policy Strategy

Better Transitions to Adulthood for Youth in Care